Featured Speakers

Jeffrey Rosen

Principal of CBZ Insurance Services

Michael Anthony Tuccelli-Margolin

Co-Founder of C4 Ever Systems

Stephen Callegari

Partner at Horwitz + Armstrong

Jeff Garrison

CFO of Siva Enterprises

John Armstrong

Partner at Horowitz + Armstrong

Paul Shively

President of MJIC Compliance

Justin Braune


Larry Horwitz

Founding Partner at Horwitz + Armstrong

Past Speakers

Tae Darnell

President and General Counsel, Surna Inc. (SRNA)

Chris Bunka

CEO, Lexaria Corp.

Jeff Nagel

Co-Founder, WVapes

Assemblyman Rob Bonta

California State Assemblyman

Raymond Keller

Director, CLS Holdings Inc.

Jim Marty

CPA and Consultant, Bridge West LLC

Shannon Doyle

Treasurer, Harmonious Code Council

Derek Peterson

CEO, Terra Tech

Lawrence Lambert

Chief Executive Officer, Aquanetus Technology Inc.

Julianna Carella

CEO at Auntie Dolores' Kitchen

Craig Shell

Founder, Lake County Cannabis Growers Alliance

Michael Williams, Esq.

Managing Attorney, Williams Securities Law

AJ Gentile

CEO, SpeedWeed

John Downs

Managing Director, MJIC, Inc.

Barb Van Hare

Executive Coach, enVision

Dr. Michelle Ross

CEO - Impact Network

Douglas H. Leighton

Co-founder and Principal Partner, Dutchess Capital

Trent Woloveck

COO, American Cannabis Company

Giadha Aguirre De Carcer

Founder & CEO, Frontier Financials Group Inc.

Chris McElvany

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, O.PenVAPE

John Knapp

Co-Founder and COO

Kevin Gillespie

CEO - First Harvest Financial

Sina Moshksar

President, Aquanetus Technology Inc.

Brandon Twine

Executive Coach, enVision

Lori Glauser

Chief Operating Officer, Signal Bay

Matt Gediman

Senior VP, U.S. Bank

Cy Scott

Co-Founder & Head of Product, Leafly

Alan Brochstein

Founder at 420 Investor & 420 Funders

Bradley Orr

CEO - Delta 9

James R. Lowe

President of Cultivation, Co-founder MJardin

Marc Ross, Esq.

Founding Partner, Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference, LLP

Saul Kaye

Pharmcist - Founder iCAN Israel

Celeste Miranda

Chief Executive Officer, The Cannabis Marketing Labs

Adam Fayne

Partner, Arnstein & Lehr LLP

Richard “Rick” Gilchrist

CRO, Guardian Data Systems

William Waldrop

Chief Executive Officer, Signal Bay

Michael Mayes

Chief Executive Officer for Quantum 9, Inc

Frederick Gross

Hedge Fund Veteran & Founder of ManhattanCanna Fund

Daniel Goldstein

VP Strategic Investments @ iCAN

Emily Paxhia

Founding Partner & Director of Relations Poseidon Asset Management

Larry Horwitz

Founding Partner at Horwitz + Armstrong

Ben Larson

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Gateway

Lance Ott

CEO, Guardian Data Systems

Jennilynne Coley

Managing Partner, Marijuana Investment & Private Retreats (MIPR™)

Jay Czarkowski

Managing Partner, Canna Advisors

Kevin Sutherland

President, CannaMergers

Allison Graham

Senior Producer at
Alpha Girl Productions, LLC

Scott Greiper

President and Founding Partner, Viridian Capital & Research

Dale Sky Jones

Executive Chancellor, Oaksterdam University

Ross Kirsh

Founder/CEO, Stink Sack

Gina Berman M.D.

Founder - Giving Tree Wellness

Olivia Mannix

Co-Founder & Chief Strategic Officer

Kurt Parbst

Director Of Business Development, Agam Greenhouse

Ramie Tritt

Managing Member at TL Partners

Josh Wolf

Attorney, Wolf Law

Michael Swartz

Senior Analyst at Viridian Capital Advisors, LLC

Andy Joseph

President, Apeks Supercritical

Robert Raich

Attorney, Robert Raich, Esq

Bob Morgan

Special Counsel, Much Shelist

Mara Gordon


Tom King

Senior Director, OrganaBrands

Adam Cohen

Founder & Managing Director, MJardin

Adam Orens

Founding Partner, Marijuana Policy Group

Kelley Crosson

Major Gifts Officer, Marijuana Policy Project

Kayvan Khalatbari

Operations Manager, Denver Relief

Sam Znaimer

CEO, Locarno Capital

Jane West

Founder, Jane West, LLC and Edible Events Co., LLC

Jeff Jones

Co-Founder, Oakland Cannabis Buyers’ Cooperative

John Clarke

CEO & Managing Director at Midtown Partners & Co.

Tripp Keber

CEO, Dixie Brands, Inc.

Michael McGrory

Partner, SmithAmundsen

Jennifer DeFalco

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Jack Abbott

Chief Instigator, Intelligent Light Source

Seibo Shen

Chief Executive Officer, VapeXhale

Rob Hunt

Partner, Tuatara Capital

Jennifer Martin

Owner, Cultivation Sector Consulting

Kristin Fox

Editor in Chief, Marijuana Investor News

Dooma Wendschuh

Co-founder, ebbu

Matt Karnes

Founder and Managing Partner, GreenWave Advisors, LLC

David Goldstein

CEO & Co-Founder, PotBotics

Taylor West

Deputy Director, National Cannabis Industry Association

Mitch Baruchowitz

Founder & Partner, Greenfield Capital

Matthew Mills

President, COO, Med-X, Inc.

Gina Austin ESQ

Managing Attorney, Austin Legal Group

Paul Shively

President of MJIC Compliance

Molly Poiset

Founder, Cheffettes

Ethan Nadelmann

Executive Diretor, DPA

Karen Freese

Principal at Freese Branding & Consultancy

John Kagia

Director of Industry Analytics, New Frontier Financials

Ellen Flenniken

Deputy Director of Development, Drug Policy Alliance

Alen Nguyen

CEO, Green Thumb Industries

Courtney Betty

Founder Timeless Herbal Jamaica

Amy Jenkins

Director of Legislative Affairs, CCIA

Gary Cohen

Creator, MSNBC's Pot Baron's of Colorado

Kevin Harrington

Entrepreneur, Speaker & Original Shark

Jordan Gerber

CFO, CFO Worldwide

Kimberly R. Simms ESQ


Pamela Epstein

Owner, Green Wise Consulting, LLC.

Stephen Goldner

Forensic Toxicologist, Quantum 9

Jeffrey Binder

Chairman, President & CEO, CLS Holdings Inc.

Peter Maguire

Vice President

Deepak Anand, MBA

Executive Director Canadian National Medical Marijuana Association

Lezli Engelking

Founder and President

Justin Braune


Alan Hawkins

Executive Director, ARCPC

Laleen Doerrer

Managing Director, Kaizen Inc.

Zeta Ceti

Co-Founder, Green Rush Consulting

Khadijah Adams

Founder & Senior Managing Partner of Marijuana Investment & Private Retreat™ (MIPR)

Ariel Clark

Founding Partner

Sara Hanks

Co-founder and CEO, CrowdCheck

Erin Kennedy

President and Founder

Lance Johnstone

IBR Ventures, Star Angels

Frank Marino


Shanel Lindsay

CEO - Ardent Cannabis

Jazmin Hupp

Executive Director & Co-Founder, Women Grow

Michael Gruber

RainMaker Securities, LLC
Cornerstone Opportunity Partners, LLC

Holly E. Johnson Ph.D.

Laboratory Director

Kurt Wolf

Managing Partner, enVision Business Consulting

Chris Walker

General Manager USA, Heliospectra AB

Betty Aldworth

Executive Director, Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Chris Rentner

Founder & CEO Akouba Credit - "Advancing Possibilities"

David Friedman

CEO - MJIC, Inc.

Justin Cifelli

President and Founder, MedAg Ventures

Joe Hodas

Chief Marketing Officer, Dixie Brands, Inc.

Ben Tyson

Founder & CEO

Sandra Tiffany

General Manager - GrowBLOX

Leslie Bocskor

Managing Partner, Electrum Partners

Andy Williams

President & CEO, Medicine Man

Hilary Blair

CEO, ARTiculate:Real&Clear

Fiona Ma

Board Member, California State Board of Equalization

Daniel Yazbeck

CEO & Founder, MyDx, Inc.

Dan Perrin

U.S. Senate Steering Committee

Randy Shipley

MJIC President

Matthew Abel

Executive Director NORML - Michigan

Patricia Rosi

CEO of Wellness of Maine

Peter Olaynack

Partner, BQ Capital Partners

Mike Hesser

President / CEO, Verabis

Lynn Brewer

Executive Vice President, New Frontier Financials

Jen Gentile

Chief Marketing Officer, SpeedWeed

Lauren Vazquez

Deputy Director of Communications and Senior Advisor, AUMA

Bruce Barcott

Author, "Weed The People"

Trevor Smith

Chief Strategy Officer, Quantum 9 Inc.

Thomas Quigley

CEO, Florida Cannabis Coalition

Tyler Dautrich

Founder - Greenhouse Ventures

Michael Ray

Executive Director, Bloom Farms

Matt Lampert

Director, Socionomics Institute

Amanda Ostrowitz, Esq.

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Jeff Foster


Marty Higgins

Founder, Harvest Shop

Phil DeVries

Founder & CEO, THERA Integrative Healthcare

Aaron Herzberg

Partner/General Counsel, CalCann Holdings, Inc.

Tom Lackey

California State Assemblyman

Kris Krane

President, 4Front Ventures

Dave Charnick


Dr. Sue Sisley

Cannabis Research Scientist

Roger B. Martin

Founder and Executive Director

Keith McCarty

Founder - Eaze

David Evans

Executive Director, Drug Free Schools Coalition

Carol Kaufman

Founder & CEO, Alternatives TLC, LLC

Carter Laren

Co-Founder, Gateway

Blair Koch

CEO- The Alternative Board, Denver West

Circe Wallace

Sports Agent

Eva Silva

Co-Producer for Hempsters Documentary Film Series & Co-Founder Hemp Solutions

Aaron Raskin

Creative Producer - Harbinger Pro

Kamy Akhavan

President, ProCon.org

Ean Seeb

Chairman, National Cannabis Industry Association & Co-Founder, Denver Relief Consulting

Tom Bollich

CEO, Surna

Stuart Tomc

Vice President, Human Nutrition at CV Sciences

Matt Callahan

Chairman - Botanix Pharma

Mark Slaugh

Founder - IComply Cannabis

Mike Parnes

Associate Attorney, Barth Daly LLP

Spike Humer

Author, "The 10 Day Turnaround"

Hezekiah Allen

Executive Director, CGA

Chris Sayegh

Chief Executive Officer/Head Chef, The Herbal Chef

Morgan Paxhia

Founding Partner & Chief Investor, Poseidon Asset Management