Why Attend

MJIC Events Adds Value for Participants

  • Meet Experts In California Compliance: Our legal, accounting and business experts have provided compliance services to more than 500 California collectives.  
  • Share in the insights available from the best of the MJ industry:  Benefit from state-of-the-art analyses, expertise, and solutions from your peers.
  • Gain opportunities to network: Meet, greet, or re-introduce yourself to the top business and political leaders, build a new web of relationships, expand on the web you’re built already, or simply maintain the existing threads through that essential face-to-face element: contact, discussion, and debate.
  • Learn about solutions and services: Your MJ related business surely faces challenges –here you’ll meet the leading providers of solutions.
  • Receive summit documentation: You’ll have full access to all documentation connected with the event through our interactive website; presentation copies and contacts for participants are available on request.

MJIC Events Spells Opportunity for Providers

  • Access Decision Makers: Engage and meet with the top decision makers of the participant businesses. Exchange much more than your business cards, and get a head start on new business opportunities and alliances.
  • Extreme Networking: Benefit from the extensive time and space for networking baked into the event, on both a formal and informal level. There will be entertainment, luncheons, dinners, cocktail receptions – all in a professional setting, all enabling your productive interaction.
  • Participate in a think tank: The event, with its keynote presentations, case studies, discussion groups, etc., will put you inside the brains of the industry, enabling you a chance to bring your concerns and your strategic goals to the attention of actual or potential clients.